The community of Munduk Bali

Bali is a tiny island, yet, even locals often don’t know where is Munduk. High in the mountains, it is home to several waterfalls and attracts around 20 000 tourists every year. For so many travelers, Munduk, as small as it is, ends up being the highlight of their travel, because it is still genuine. It has that balance of developed enough to get access to almost everything we need and unknown enough to meet real Balineses, the ones who doesn’t know a word of english but who will communicate everything with a smile. Lost in the meanders that brings you there, you’ll find true connection.
Once known as the dutch countryside, its brisk air of the mountains remains an escape amongst the crowded tourist attractions so well known around the island.
It is a village that truly cares about the wellbeing of its community. Taking care of their environment as they are so intrinsically connected to it. Travelers will often be mistaken by its nature, thinking that it is jungle, however, it is actually food forests or farms (according to the maintenance level). Munduk cultivates a lot of clove along with coffee, rice, bananas and so much more, but still relies intensively on its tourism. 
It is amongst this scenery that you’ll find us, the grand bamboo structures and fancy tents, skirting the river at 5 min walk away from waterfalls. It is there that you’ll find our sanctuary ready to welcome you.