Glamping Bali, are you ready? Nature, comfort and adventure.

Our glamping tents are perched on wooden platforms, overlooking a wide expanse of Munduk’s valleys stretching out to the sea. You can breathe in the sweet scent of nature, as you enjoy an epic sunset during your glamping Bali experience.

Glamping in Munduk has the benefit of privacy. It is not one of the main tourist destinations, which is why we fell in love with this piece of earth and camped down here. Offering luxurious tents and comfy queen size mattresses, this is an experience you will never forget. Our returning customers say so.

What makes for the best glamping Bali experience?

But what makes a glamping experience truly unforgettable? Is it the size of the tent, the quality of the food, the atmosphere, the people you are with or the environment of the location? We say yes to all of the above. Let’s look at these one by one.

Size of the tent

The tents are 4M bell type and are all equipped with a queen bed, a bed side table, a rustic lantern and an outlet to connect your devices. Theoretically, you could fit an armchair in there next to the bed, but we went with a fatboy - it’s better for the back, trust us. All glamping tents are fixated on an individual wooden platform, with a separate entrance. Under the platform is a private space for relaxation. Some are equipped with a hammock, others with a bench and yoga mats. You can choose, depending on availability of course.

Best food in Munduk?

Let’s face it, you will need a lot of energy when up in the mountains, let alone when hiking in Munduk. You can recharge at The Botanist, our very own restaurant with health-conscious dishes and some of the best herbal teas you will find. From smoothie bowls to Malidivian Curry, all our dishes are prepared with love by our kitchen team. Feel free to check out our Munduk restaurant menu for yourself.

Turn the lights down low

Ekommunity stretches from the top of a hillside all the way down to the river, where you will find our yoga deck. Gentle light illuminates your path when it gets dark, setting the scene for a romantic, or, in any case, heartwarming evening in your glamping tent. Every guest is welcomed as extended family. When the mood is right, or when you request us to, we light a campfire and spend time together under the stars. Or you can relax with raw cacao and delicious treats, while listening to sweet music from our restaurant and overlook a magical sunset. Depending on the weather, we can be at the altitude of clouds, offering a different perspective on the spectacle of the sun itself turning in for the night.

Nature, nature, more nature

Yes, there is nature. Lots of it. Our own permaculture gardens have hundreds of trees and a wide variety of herbs and spices. There is fresh spring water, a natural pool, a maze of trails, some of the most beautiful Munduk waterfalls, coffee and clove plantations, bamboo patches, and secret locations for the seasoned travellers. Close to Ekommunity, you can even find old growth forest. That is, untouched Balinese forest with incredible biodiversity.

Bali glamping vs hotel or homestay

Which option to choose? A luxurious tent, or a room with four walls? We’re going to be really honest here: We don’t live in the tents. Our guests usually stay 2 to 4 nights. On occasion, a yogi or a seeker stays for a month or longer, including early morning hikes into their sadhana. Ekommunity is especially suited for this, in fact, we proactively support commitment to nature activities, reconnecting with earth and spiritual seekers.

But glamping in Bali is, most of all, an adventure. Your fun weekend trip to the mountains to detox from digital life, your romantic getaway, or your desire for a breath of fresh air. We offer it all. You will be invited into our community as family, which also means we will totally respect your desire for privacy.


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