Founding Ekommunity


There is a tiny inner voice in each of us

We’ve all heard it before. It’s guiding us to try things that scares us, to get out of our comfort zone, to trust ourselves in the strangest moments. Founding Ekommunity is a story of listening to such an inner voice. Ours was saying that there was so much more to do with our lives than the path that was laid out before us. We had created a beautiful life in Canada, meeting with friends every Friday and going back to work every Monday, rock climbing, trekking and dreaming of travels everyday. Still, there was a constant echo reminding us that this reality was built on obsolete systems that we didn’t resonate with (could no longer tolerate or accept as our long term reality). So we got out into the world and built a place inspired from our wildest dreams. 

Construction planning (2017)*

Driven by adventure, travel and freedom, our message and vision became clear traveling through Indonesia: choose and buy land, slow down and share (create a space for) visitors that would allow them to experience our love for this alternative lifestyle. The dream (our dream was bigger than the reality of every nuance and detail) that we didn’t suspect the length of the road that lay ahead. At that time, we thought we could develop this project while keeping a foot in our western life, yet again reality has proven to be very different than what we had expected. It seemed as though the entire Universe conspired to let us know very quickly that we had so much to learn if we wanted to walk the talk. 

Front office bamboo MundukFront office building (2018)

Nestled in the beautiful mountains of Bali, we are gifted with unspoiled nature. However, being secluded also means that we are not receiving the community support we would be able to access by being closer to more urban networks of expats and influential community members that have already been established. We had to bow down to nature’s laws and many unknown aspects, learning the threads to our own expenses. Dealing with rainy seasons and 100% humidex sheltered from bamboo is a whole new definition of luxury. Luxury to live in accordance with Mother Nature, relearning to dance to the music of her cycles. Trying to be eco-responsible and avoiding plastic as much as possible and yet not finding a better solution than plastic bins to avoid molding clothes. Constantly fighting to find the next best steps while unexpected turns of events keep coming round like we’re spinning on a fortune wheel. Over torrential rains we’ve been showered with emotions, energy in motion, brewing our beliefs, slowly cooking us into an upgraded version of our human selves. This new rhythm of dance birthed a blooming sense of spirituality. Having to commit completely all while surrendering to the process, letting go of fear and preconceived ideas brought a burning desire to understand more of what the Universe has been trying to tell us.

 Aerial view(2019)

If we wanted our dream to take form, we had to accept that happiness is definitely not a destination. Embracing the pitfalls and the moments of suffering was an unavoidable part of growing our creation to fruition. Almost 4 years since this adventure began, the challenges have been enormous, but we have learned at great speed and in abundance which would have never been experienced had we chosen to stay in the comfort of our previous life. In a very classic western mindset, we thought that once we would have built this place, we’d be happy. The process has shown us that there is no end to the ability of the world to bring opportunities for growth and that wishing for hardship to end is like wanting life to stop its flow. Not only is it not possible, but it defeats the purpose of this human experience. 

bamboo restaurantRestaurant structure construction (2019)

Living and operating an eco lodge deep in nature has shown us that we are far from alone in questioning the veils of reality. People from all over the world come to visit us to experience the jungle reboot craving to slow down and disconnect in order to reconnect to what truly matters; Nature, good people, healthy food... Contemplating the abundance of the jungle has the enchanting power of bringing harmony in our hearts. It unravels the mysteries of the fabricated societies and it brings us back to this inner knowing that there exists better for the collective. This adventure has left us room to question the matrix itself. We deeply trust now that the human condition harmful to Mother Earth must start to reverse. 

 bamboo dormitory north bali
Dormitory structure (2018)

As we write these words, our societies have suddenly stopped, the world proclaims a crisis, a global pandemic…  and truthfully we see the budding of a great awakening. Today, we have an unbelievably beautiful team and a growing community of equally magical people. We are honored to hold this space for each of us to transition, grow, thrive. So this is our formal invitation to you, to come share space, thoughts and hopes for this new golden era about to take place.



* Affiliated partnership - Asali Bali


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